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Liberian Cook book

Coming from a background of good cooks and hospitable family members, I naturally developed the flare for cooking and entertaining. I obtained additional interest in food preparation and catering during my studies at the University of Paris/Sorbonne, where I was exposed to French Culture and Cooking.

Upon my return to the United States, I pursued an Internship program in Food Management and Catering at Howard University Hotel, Washington, District of Columbia. Thereafter, I attended the American Food Safety Institute.

As a former student of the above mentioned institutions, I believe strongly in good hygiene and food safety. This is the Second Edition of "African Recipes". The first publication was well complimented by Liberians and Internationals.

I have brought you as close as I can to the Liberian kitchen. With a brief introduction and cultural information, my intention is to explain the setting which produced the recipes. The Liberian Cookbook seeks to combine the culinary cuisine of the 16 major ethnic groups and the African Returnees from the United States of America slavery (the later group sometimes called the Americo-Liberians).

Rice is the stable crop and recipes include rice and cassava leaves, rice and palm butter, rice and sweet potato greens, jollof rice, check-rice with meat, chicken or fish/crawfish gravy, our delicious "Pepper Soup" and "Steamed Crabs".

The Liberian old fashion pound cake, rice bread, sweet potato pone, ginger beer and the famous "Root Bottle" (an aperitif, is also a medicinal drink used mostly by men. Women drink it when necessary in small doses.) are also included in this cookbook that will add to the interest in International Cooking.

Many internationals are fond of Liberian cooking and have mentioned that some of our recipes have the sophisticated flare of gourmet cooking.

Selena Gennehma Horace

President, Education and Cultural Association Inc.


Music CD

Liberia - Our African Promised Land

Audio Liberia History CD
Audio Tracks
  1. Anthem
  2. Introduction
  3. Brief History
  4. Liberia Our Promise Land
  5. History
  6. The African Woman
  7. Flag & Seal
  8. Liberia As A New Nation
  9. The Lone Star Forever


Great Leaders of Liberia

"The Greatest Liberians in History" is hailed as an iconic exposition on the history of the greatest leaders who have created profound and lasting changes in the history of Liberia. A 'must read' book that every history enthusiast should have as part of their collection. Emile Hoffman, who himself is a native Liberian, has made a profound contribution to the education and culture of Liberia through this wonderful masterpiece, which is bound to enrich the lives and minds of readers for many years to come. For more information, please contact Emile Hoffman at




Congradulations on the publication of the second edition of "African Recipes". We highly recommend it to anyone interested in authentic Liberian cuisine. God bless!"
   - H.H.E Ambassador William Bull of Liberia and Mrs. William Bull, Rockville, MD

"Selena, you are truly a promoter of Liberia. Thanks for our cookbook. We are proud of you!                 - Willette Summerville Cooper, Los Angeles, CA

"You are worth complimenting for such hard work and a beautiful cookbook. Thanks for exposing our cuisine to the international community."             - Ambassador and Mrs. Francis Dennis, Alexandria, VA

"You are a true Liberian. Keep up the good work!"       - Joye Wilson Diggs, Chattanooga, TN

"A job well done! This is the best Liberian cookbook written."    - Annie Harmon Gooding, Las Vegas, NV

"A beautifully inscribed rendition of the most sumptous and delectable cuisines of the beloved country of Liberia. A job brilliantly done Selena!" - Dr. Starling Pritchard II, Founder of Black History Month, Chairman, Panamerican Panafrican Association, UN NGO with Consultative Status to the Economic Social Council.