The aim of the Education and Cultural Association Inc., is for the promotion and advancement of Liberian education and culture.

The Arts - Music

Michael Jackson - "Liberian Girl"


Liberia Zaye Tete


About Liberian Music

  • Liberian music is a testament to Liberia's mosaic and diverse culture. Liberian music ranges from the very rthymic drums, to soul, jazz and blues and the music styles reflect the culture from Grand Gedeh to Lofa, from Cape Mount to Cape Palmas.


  • It is said that the roots of "HiLife"/"highlife" played in parts of West Africa owes it's roots, to the Kru of Liberia. In "pre-Liberian" times, the sea-faring "Kru" mariners carried small portable instruments when they travelled the West African coast even before Europeans arrived and were later employed on British and American steam-ships
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