Education and Culture

Selena Hoffman


1) To make the public aware of the importance of education and culture

2) To promote fashions in all aspects of our culture. To also promote the fashion industry and encourage sales to the general public by establishing fashion shows presentations and pageants along with other areas of the arts. Especially in Music and Performing Talent - including those interested in singing, dancing, modeling, hair-styling, make-up dram, story-telling, poetry playwriting, music instrumentalists, band members and sound systems personnel in order to promote a variety of cultural presentations to the general public and to expose and advertise skills of artists and artistes and performers.

3) To do all that is conclusive to the attainment of creating employment and investment, owning property, by cultural performances, exhibitions, education, and fund raising events year round to promote individuals, groups and organizations.

4) To set up a public relations, marketing, advertising team to assist in promoting business interests in Liberia with speacial attention given to culture and entertainment nationally and internationally.

5) To find ways and suggestions to encourage the general public to support our cultural activities presented.


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the central challenges facing the world today. In the light of persisting global patterns of poverty and inequality, as highlighted by the MDG agenda, along with emerging issues like the impact of climate change and the current financial and economic crises, it is no exaggeration to say that, at the start of the 21st century, the world is at a major turning point. Achieving sustainable development requires a global change of mindset and behaviours. Indeed, it has long been recognized that education is crucial for achieving sustainable development.

The goal is to help Liberian young people develop the skills and attitudes necessary to progress in the conventional academic system, progress with formal and non-formal livelihood training programs, find jobs, or create their own employment, as well maintain healthy lifestyles and participate in their communities. Further efforts would be expended to help Liberian youth maintain healthy lifestyles and participate in their communities; increase access to education for Liberian youth, enhance the overall quality of teaching and collaborate with government and community organizations toward the long-term sustainability of the intervention.