Founder and President

Selena Hoffman

Selena Gennehma Horace, founder and president of Liberian Dignity, is a patriotic Liberian who served as a former Overseas and Local Scholarships Director of LAMCO in Yekepa, Liberia. Selena is also the president and founder of Horasel Education and Culture Inc. which promotes Liberian History and Culture. She has an award from the District of Columbia Public Schools for her contribution to African American History. She is the author of “African Recipes” – The Liberian Cuisine Cookbook, and the author of the Liberian History CD, “Liberia our AFRICAN Promise Land”.  Selena holds a Masters of Science Management Degree in Public Relations and an MBA from the University of Maryland University College.



My Historical Curiosity

During my childhood days, I remember my Aunt Annie Clinton Knuckles spared no time telling me the history of our family from Edina, Grand Bassa County. She told me about our ancestors on my mother’s side of the family who were instrumental in the new Republic of Liberia during the 1800’s - President Joseph James Cheeseman, William Weaver, Charles Johnson and Nathan Harmon. Weaver had been Lott Cary’s assistant on Providence Island. William Weaver was also the first Superintendent of Grand Bassa County. I was always mesmerized by my Aunt’s old stories about nineteenth century politics in Grand Bassa County.

However, it was my father Stephen Genneh Horace’s family had the most profound effect on my curiosity of old Liberian history.  My father descended from the great Kpelle leaders of the nineteenth century. He was the great great grandson of King Gbassie Darn and the great grand son of King Deedeh. 

King Gbassie Darn was the overload king of northern Liberia and Southern Guinea. In addition to being King of the Kpelles, he ruled the Mano, Gio, and the Loma. The Kpelle tradition has it that Gbassie Darn had descendent from the Great Zoe (Female Spiritual Leader of Liberia) many centuries earlier. After three years of research conducted by my son Emile Horace, we finally learned that the Great Zoe was more than a spiritual leader but the greatest female conqueror in West African history. Her name was Empress Mansarico. The whole Liberian dignity project is to impress upon Liberians respect for history and culture.

                                                                                          Selena Gennehma Horace



Vice President and Historian


Emile Hoffman, Vice President and Historian

Emile Genneh Steven Horace is the author of the Greatest Liberians in History and The Mane Conquest and Liberian History.  He is currently working on several historical projects relating West African History and the Black Diaspora.  Emile’s other interests include researching early British History. He was an “A” student in British History when he attended Prior Park College - Bath, England. He did some additional coursework at the University of Bath.

Emile has worked for major U.S. corporations in the areas of accounting, finance, and information systems for more than 15 years.  He is a former US Army Officer. Emile has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Oxford University and a Masters Degree in Accounting from University of Maryland.



Management Team

The management of Horsel Education and Culture Inc. and its affiliate partners brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success from the fields of business development, education, and technology spanning 50 plus years.  Combining business and education acumen, scientific expertise together with technical savvy, intimately integrated into a seamless, robust operational platform will enable our team to drive innovation and solutions that empower and enable customers, local communities, and government, to have confidence and provide support in its sustainable development infrastructure, information and interactions.


Inherent Organizational Goals

  • To impress upon the Liberian people the importance of their history and culture.
  • To promote unity and end widespread tribalism in our beloved Liberia.
  • To promote Liberians first and Liberian pride.
  • To develop the Associate Justice John Henry Cheeseman School in Edina, Grand Bassa County, Liberia.