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Welcome to Liberian Dignity





It is not only a pleasure but an obligation to appropriately inform readers about the Republic of Liberia and its people.  You will observe that we are bringing to you for the first time, detailed information about Liberia’s rich history and culture. This website was created to promote the history and culture of Africa’s first republic.

Although the modern nation of Liberia was founded in 1847, the recorded history of the area that became Liberia go back for hundreds of years. Liberia played a pivotal role in West African history. Our goal is to help educate Liberians and internationals about the rich culture and history of Liberia.

As descendants of some of Liberia’s great kings, and the knowledge that we have acquired about our ancestors, we have come to realize the dignity and cultural values of Liberia’s tribal people that have been distorted.  Liberia is in Africa; therefore, we must always remember to uphold our African history, cultural values and customs as “Africans”. 




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